Read about the 3 Dimension of HDP.

Insulation material is commonly thought to be used only for dropping temperature. HDP, aside from being an insulation material, can also be used to protect other components or areas. And most importantly, it is used as a “COST-SAVING” device: only eliminating some screws or holding components will lead to big cost savings, not mentioning being able to use lower grade plastic materials or less heat sensitive electronic parts.
HDP (Heat Defiant Product) is an excellent insulation material because of its low thermal conductivity. Few mm of HDP is sufficient to create an excellent thermal insulation for any application. As we all know, thermal insulation materials reduce heatdispersion and lead to ENERGYSAVINGS. One of the best characteristics of HDP is that it can be molded into almost ANY SHAPE. This is one of the reasons why R&D technicians are happy to have a material they can use to fulfill many needs. We also refer to HDP as DESIGNER-FRIENDLY MATERIAL since it allows the designers to free their imagination without worry of technical limitations.

METALLIC CLIPS: if the HDP cover requires 2 parts, the metallic clips can be used to hold them together, also providingeasy disassembly when needed.

HDP-dati-tecniciR220 C°280 C°0.0418V-0T