The policy for quality


In ISOSTAMP, Quality is the foundation of our identity.

ISOSTAMP wants to build trust in its products, services and its relationships through its distinct Quality

ISOSTAMP’s reputation for high quality products has been built over time after years of attention to
this aspect.

ISOSTAMP wants to continue to maintain this reputation at the highest levels with its customers
and stakeholders.

The attitude of the Property and General Management towards this foundation called Quality is the first real
step to develop attention to Quality in every area and every level of the company.


All ISOSTAMP employees are responsible for achieving results related to Quality and the improvement of
standards. Each ISOSTAMP employee is fully involved in following and implementing this Quality Policy.
Each employee is encouraged to propose constructive ideas to implement the Quality System.

ISOSTAMP ensures full compliance of its Quality System with ISO9001 standards.

ISOSTAMP pays close attention to ensuring that external partners (suppliers of raw materials, services, etc.)
show full understanding and dedication towards the same Quality objectives.


All of the above is part of a broader concept that accompanies ISOSTAMP in its daily life. A concept with
strong and positive values of:






(Environmental policy and employee health and safety policy)

For ISOSTAMP, Quality also includes the utmost attention to the environment and safety. For this ISOSTAMP has chosen to obtain certification in compliance with the ISO14001 standard: personal attention to the environment is strengthened in a structured and organized commitment. ISOSTAMP considers environmental protection as a fundamental element of corporate social responsibility. This means thinking sustainable and therefore reducing the negative impacts of one’s business and optimizing the positive aspects in order to safeguard natural resources, reduce energy consumption as well as waste production, and introduce technological innovations for the prevention of pollution.


Environmental protection must always be linked to the environmental education of all those involved. For this ISOSTAMP is fully committed to the following:

  • – Comply with the EU environmental laws, at national and local level, and all others enforced by your organization.
  • – Pursue the continuous improvement of environmental performance through:
    • a. the involvement, training and awareness of staff in charge of business processes to encourage the dissemination of sustainable behavior for the environment, including, where possible, customers;
    • b. the preventive analysis of the environmental impacts generated by new activities and contracts, by changes to the systems used and by the set of activities carried out, taking into account the technological innovations proposed by the market, their possible implementation and their economic sustainability;
    • c. the introduction of methods for controlling its environmental aspects with the planning of periodic monitoring activities;
    • d. research continues to have a «lower impact» in carrying out its activities.
  • – Prevent environmental accidents and pollution, through continuous monitoring of activities; intervene immediately for their elimination or reduction on the basis of appropriate emergency procedures.
  • – Raise awareness and involve its suppliers and maintenance workers on the commitments of its organization in environmental matters, promoting active collaboration in identifying and testing
    methodologies and equipment with a lower impact on the environment.

With the same awareness and determination, ISOSTAMP considers the protection of the health and safety of its collaborators to be of fundamental importance.

With this, ISOSTAMP strives to:

  • prevent accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses,
  • ensure that its products and operations do not compromise the health of Workers

The reference model for these activities is the international standard ISO 14001.
Objectives and improvement programs are defined annually.